spazio intermedio

"Today our space is no longer an optical space that can be dominated through the eye, but is a space of relationships."

Hidden in the nuances, my work seeks to continually rethink spatial and binomial transience, deconstructing the image and considering intermediate spaces. 

Staying in the same place for months I had the opportunity to observe elements and organisms interact, with the camera I became an active spectator of perpetual movements. By comparing the blink of an eye and the mechanical action of the film in the camera, which always alternates between dark and light, I would like to make people reflect on the figure of the observer as a presence that is part of a dialogue and an exchange with what is in front of the lens and what, on the other hand, lingers outside the frame and the eye and is not visible. In this sense, photography is not only the document of a rift in time and space but also the record of relationships between subjects.

Through seriality, each photograph exhibited is a document of the act of returning, every day, to relate to a portion of a field, a chair, a tomato, dozens of types of plants and flowers, the mole holes, moles, bees, wasps, trees, cut trees, ants, the larvae, robots cutting grass, people watching, crows, flies, rain, hail, worms, wind, cats, the end of spring, summer, (more).

My work has been reflecting on the actions that constantly act, suffer and impose themselves along with us, defining intermediate spaces, those windows that look out onto a world of possible interactions.